2nd sailing suggestion: 2 weeks from Can Pastilla

5-30sm per day by direct route (short distances), family holiday, wind independent, variety and relaxation for the whole crew

Day 1: Ca'n Pastilla

You take over your yacht in Ca'n Pastilla from 14 o'clock. Put everything away and familiarise yourself with life on board. After the handover, you have the choice of either practising a little today or spending the first evening comfortably in the bay of Palma.

The 2nd day: Ca'n Pastilla - Andratx

22nm Seaway - Bearing: 272°

Cast off after a leisurely breakfast. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then hoist the sails and sail over to Andratx. One of the most popular and beautiful harbours on the island.

The 3rd day: Andratx - Sant Elm

5nm seaway - bearing: 325°

Only 5 miles by sea to Sant Elm. A curve of Dragonera extends the sea way a little bit. Decide for yourself whether you want to moor your yacht in front of Dragonera to explore the island, or whether you want to visit the protected nature reserve with an excursion steamer from Sant Elm.

The 4th day: Sant Elm - Cala Pi

30nm Seaway - Bearing: 120°

Back over the bay of Palma, today's destination is Cala Pi. The first, smaller bay after the one of Palma. With stable weather conditions, a night at anchor is a guarantee for seclusion and peace and quiet to spend an idyllic evening in the cockpit.

Day 5: Cala Pi - Cabrera

15nm Seaway - Bearing: 161°

Destination: Cabrera National Park. A day trip of 15sm is on the direct way today. With good winds the rounding of the small islands is fun! For Cabrera you need a permit for overnight stay, which you should apply for in advance (at least 3 weeks before the start of the trip). Once you arrive at your destination, a buoy is reserved for you. Colour-coded for different ship lengths.

buoy colour Yachts up to
white < 12m
yellow < 15m
orange < 20m
red > 20m

Day 6: Cabrera - Sa Rapita

15nm Seaway - Bearing: 5°

Sa Rapita is a busy marina, especially in the high season, as the jump from here to Cabrera is only 12 nautical miles. Right next to the marina is the famous sandy beach Es Trenc. In calm conditions you can also stay overnight at one of the buoy fields 2 miles southeast of the small Isla Gabina.

Day 7: Sa Rapita - Portocolom

23nm Seaway - Bearing: 76°

Roughly sailing east-northeast, you will reach the bay of Portocolom after 23 nautical miles today. You have the choice of numerous buoy fields or a place in the marina. Great restaurants directly on the coast invite you to dinner. With a view over the beautiful, sheltered bay, you can end the evening with a glass of wine.

The 8th day: Portocolom - Cala Rajada

22nm Seaway - Bearing: 28°

Further along the east coast of Mallorca you will make your way to Cala Rajada today. A timely arrival is advantageous due to the few guest berths. The beautiful promenade along the sea invites you for a walk in the evening. In case of strong south wind the harbour is well protected and the berths are favourable. A visit to the Cuevas de Artà is easily possible from here and makes the day a special experience.

The 9th day: Cala Rajada - Ciutadella

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 44°

Today we are going over to Menorca. A day on the open sea. Once arrived, you will enjoy the idyll of the former island capital.

Day 10: Ciutadella port day

Today you have one day at leisure on Menorca. A sightseeing tour of Ciutadella, walking along the old "horse path" that once led around the island, or a day of swimming in one of the southern bays of Menorca are just a few of your options today.

Day 11: Ciutadella - Colonia de Sant Pere

30nm Seaway - Bearing: 240°

Back to the big island. The way back to Mallorca today leads you to the Colonia de Sant Pere. You will enjoy the club harbour at naval level. In one of the restaurants directly at the sea you can let the evening end comfortably with a glass of wine.

The 12th day: Colonia de Sant Pere - Porto Christo

28nm Seaway - Bearing: 230°

After a few hours at sea you will arrive today in the Bahia de Alcudia at Porto Christo. The beautiful old town with some historical buildings as well as beautiful footpaths to the neighbouring villages will tempt you to stretch your legs a little tonight. If you arrive in time, the nearby caves are an interesting alternative.

Day 13: Porto Christo - Colonia de Sant Jordi

28sm Seaway - Bearing: 230°

Slowly but surely we are heading back to the base. After about 30 nautical miles you reach the Colonia de Sant Jordi. To make the sailing day a little bit easier, take a break halfway through the day in one of the wonderful bays on your way. In the evening you should use an anchorage in front of the town, as the water depths in the silted up harbour will be too shallow.

Day 14: Colonia de Sant Jordi - Ca'n Pastilla

28nm Seaway - Bearing: 230°

Today we return to the base at Ca'n Pastilla. After the last beautiful sailing lessons you will pack your sails in peace. You can refuel directly at the beginning of the marina. Afterwards you go back to the jetty. You should be back by 5 pm. Depending on how you spent the first evening, you probably already know what you want to do today.

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