3. cruise suggestion: 1 week from Can Pastilla

25-25nm per day on direct route (medium and long etmales, holidays with high sailing percentage, variety and sportive sailing for the whole crew, beautiful bays

The 1st day: Ca'n Pastilla - Cala Pi

15nm Seaway - Bearing: 151°

You take over your yacht in Ca'n Pastilla from 14 o'clock. Put everything away and familiarise yourself with life on board. After the handover you start. After a short period of getting used to the yacht, you will be heading for Cala Pi. Out of the bay of Palma you will find the first wonderful bay on the south coast. In case of swell from the south there is some swell here. In the high season there is less space for yachts due to the closed bathing area.

The 2nd day: Cala Pi - Portocolom (round Cabrera)

40nm Seaway - Bearing: 36°

Today it goes around Cabrera. If there is not enough wind, you can of course take a short cut, but Cabrera is worth it. After the roundabout we continue towards Portocolom. After 40 miles at sea you will reach your daily destination. You have the choice of numerous buoy fields or a place in the marina. Great restaurants directly on the coast invite you to dinner. With a view over the beautiful, sheltered bay you can end the evening with a glass of wine.

The 3rd day: Portocolom - Ciutadella

44nm Seaway - Bearing: 36°

Today we are going over to Menorca. A day on the open sea. Decide on the way whether you want to spend the night in the harbour or in one of the beautiful bays off Ciutadella. You can also check the weather forecast for the next two days to see if you can sail around Menorca in an anti-clockwise direction.

Day 4: Ciutadella - Isla Colon

40nm Seaway - Bearing: 95°

Sail along the south coast of Menorca today. After passing the Isla del Aire, you will pass the island capital Mao a few miles to the north. The very popular anchorages with a field of buoys invite you to spend a wonderful evening in nature. In the nearby small town Es Grau there are good supply possibilities.

Day 5: Isla Colon - Cala Morell

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 288°

Further along the wonderful coast you will see several beautiful bays that invite you to stop for a swim. After 25 nautical miles you reach Cala Morell, which is also a little bit protected to the north. Do not plan to arrive here too late, as there are not many places for your yacht. A continuation to Ciutadella can make sense in case of unfavourable weather forecasts.

Day 6: Cala Morell - Porto Christo

42nm Seaway - Bearing: 219°

Back to Mallorca. Today you leave the smaller neighbouring island again and make your way to Porto Christo. In the high season you will probably not be able to find a berth here late in the day, so you will use one of the nearby anchorages. The further south you go today, the more relaxed your day tomorrow will be.

Day 7: Costa del los Pinos - Ca'n Pastilla

48nm Seaway - Bearing: 270°

Today we return to the base at Ca'n Pastilla. After the last beautiful sailing lessons you will pack your sails in peace. You can refuel directly at the beginning of the marina. Afterwards you go back to the jetty. You should be back by 5 pm. Depending on how you spent the first evening, you probably already know what you want to do today.

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