5. cruise suggestion: 2 weeks from Can Pastilla

55-65sm per day by direct route (medium and long etmals), visit the whole archipelago
great spots on days with less sailing, high sail rate and great bays

The 1st day: Ca'n Pastilla - Andratx

22nm Seaway - Bearing: 272°

At 2 pm you can take over your yacht. Use the Saturday to get to know your yacht. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and then set sail to the west. After about 22sm you will reach Andratx. One of the most popular and beautiful harbours on the island.

The 2nd day: Andratx - Portinatx (Ibiza)

51nm Seaway - Bearing: 240°

Today we are going over to Ibiza. After a few hours crossing you will reach the north-eastern end of the popular island. Depending on the weather, you can find a sheltered bay, one of the first being Cala Portinatx. In front of the bathing zone you can anchor at a depth of 4-9m.

The 3rd day: Portinatx - Sant Antoni de Portmany

19nm Seaway - Bearing: 230°

There are not quite as many miles on the agenda today. The only port in the west of the island is often used to get from the mainland to the Balearic Islands. Not too many guest berths are available. So in the high season you should not be late to secure an appropriate one if you do not want to spend the night at anchor.

Day 4: Sant Antoni de Portmany - La Savina (Formentera)

27nm Seaway - Bearing: 160°

Today it's already the third island of ballet. Destination: Formentera! Past the Parc natural de ses Salines your way leads today to La Savina. La Savina belongs to the trading ports of the Balearic Islands. Therefore you should be warned against higher fees here. Keyword: T-0 / T-Zero!

Day 5: La Savina - Santa Eularia des Riu

18nm Seaway - Bearing: 21°

Again past the nature park, even through it, your journey today will take you to the eastern city of Ibiza. This is where the only river on the island flows, which was particularly relevant for irrigation in the past. Also to operate the mills of the island.

Day 6: Santa Eularia des Riu - Cabrera

67nm Seaway - Bearing: 80°

Today is the day for some real sailing. The last few days were not so busy with sailing, so the whole crew should be motivated enough to make the jump to Cabrera. The weather forecast is of course more important on such days. So you might want to skip one of the last destinations to make the bigger jump in good conditions. At the finish in Cabrera you should also make sure that you reserve a mooring in time. You should apply for this in good time (at least 3 weeks before the start of the trip). Once you arrive at the destination, a buoy will be reserved for you. Colour-coded for different ship lengths.

Day 7: Cabrera - Portocolom

24nm Seaway - Bearing: 44°

Sleep in - enjoy Cabrera - short blow after Portocolom Yesterday could have been hard. Sleep in comfort and enjoy the beautiful landscape. You are not allowed to stay here longer than one night. After an extensive breakfast and a few laps around the ship, you set sail again and set off for Portocolom.

The 8th day: Portocolom - Alcudia

41nm Seaway - Bearing: 345°

Further along the east coast of Mallorca you will make your way to Alcudia today. In Port d'Alcudia you will find good supply possibilities. As an alternative to Alcudia, the port of Bonaire is also recommended. A little smaller and more idyllic, as well as quite inexpensive by Majorcan standards.

Day 9: Alcudia - Ciutadella

34nm Seaway - Bearing: 73°

Today we are going over to Menorca. A day on the open sea. Once arrived, you will enjoy the idyll of the former island capital. A city tour of Ciutadella is worthwhile. Or you can walk along the old "horse path", which once leads around the island, even if you don't walk it completely.

Day 10: Ciutadella - Port de Pollenca

36nm Seaway - Bearing: 261°

Off to the secret capital of Mallorca. The marina is about 5km away from the city. Despite the tourist development with bars, souvenir shops, street cafés and discos over the last years, the city still has a pleasant atmosphere. A special highlight are the international music weeks of Pollenca.

Day 11: Port de Pollenca - Port de Sóller

37nm Seaway - Bearing: 249°

After rounding the Cap de Formentor, you continue sailing along the coast of Mallorca. After about 35 nautical miles you reach Port de Sóller. In the middle of the Tramuntana you will be very sheltered tonight. Also for hikers a great destination port.

The 12th day: Port de Sóller - Sant Elm

23nm Seaway - Bearing: 230°

After a few hours at sea you will reach your destination for today. A rounding of Dragonera extends the sea way a little bit. Decide for yourself whether you want to moor your yacht in front of Dragonera to explore the island tomorrow, or whether you want to visit the protected nature reserve with a pleasure steamer from Sant Elm and leave your yacht in the port of Sant Elm.

Day 13: Sant Elm - Port d'Andratx

4nm Seaway - Bearing: 144°

Also on cruises with long distances you can use a day off. Either to make up for lost time or to reward yourself for what you have already done. A day on Dragonera? A day at the beach? Not even sailing out and exploring the island? It's not like we usually tell you what to do in yours, but today you do what you want! Most people are enthusiastic after visiting Andratx. Therefore we give you this as a tip for today.

Day 14: Port d'Andratx - Ca'n Pastilla

22nm Seaway - Bearing: 93°

Today we return to the base at Ca'n Pastilla. After the last beautiful sailing lessons you will pack your sails in peace. You can refuel directly at the beginning of the marina. Afterwards you go back to the jetty. You should be back by 5 pm. Depending on how you spent the first evening, you probably already know what you want to do today. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to welcoming you back here or at one of our other bases!

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