1st sailing suggestion: 1 week from Pula

10-12 nm per stroke - family vacation - wind-independent - variety and relaxation for the whole crew

The 1st day: Pula - Marina Veruda

Welcome to the Marina Veruda in Pula.
The takeover of your yacht usually takes place from 15 clock. Spend your first night at the jetty in the Marina Veruda for a cosy start to your holiday. The Marina Restaurant in the immediate vicinity will let you enjoy the evening and make sure you arrive safely after your arrival.

The 2nd day: Pula - Uvala Portic (Kamenjak)

8nm Sea Route - Bearing: 140

Today you could practice a bit. Take your coat off after a leisurely breakfast. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then set the sails and sail 8 nautical miles leisurely south. The numerous bays of the Kamenjak peninsula invite you to stop for a swim. Or you can use the wind to enjoy later comfortably on the east side of the peninsula in the Uvala Portic.

The 3rd day: Uvala Portic - Unije

24nm Seaway - Bearing: 118°

The bay Maracol in the east of the island Unije is worth a visit. Except for westerly to north-westerly winds, you are protected here. The small village invites you for an evening walk. Hikers will probably explore the whole island!

Day 4: Unije - Losinj

12nm Sea Route - Bearing: 128

One island further away is the destination of today. Depending on the wind you can choose the shorter northern route or the longer southern route. Arrived at your destination you will enjoy the former seafaring town, which opened up to tourism quite early.

Day 5: Losinj - Cres

21nm Seaway - Bearing: 345

You drove through the bridge yesterday? Timing is crucial here, so parents aren't bugged. Anyway, your kids love that the bridge is opening up for a couple of yachts. Today you should leave in time not to miss the opening in the morning. Afterwards you will sail another 20 miles to the island of Cres. In the bay of Martiniscica you will find the fishing village of the same name. In this bay you should inform yourself beforehand about suitable moorings. Draft as well as stony ground exclude here an optically inviting mooring!

Day 6: Cres - Pomer (Medulin)

20nm Sea Route - Bearing: 271°

On to Pomer. A few nautical miles from the finish you will see some beautiful anchorages. Decide for yourself whether you want to make a small bathing stop to lie in the marina later or anchor for another night.

Day 7: Pomer (Medulin) - Pula

10nm Sea Route - Bearing: 287°

Today we will return to the base in Pula. After the last nice sailing hours you will calmly pack up the sails in the bay and drive to the gas station directly at the beginning of the marina on starboard. Back at the jetty you will enjoy your evening in the old town of Pula.

We hope you had a wonderful trip. You are welcome to visit us again. Here in Pula or at one of our other bases.

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