Two weeks relaxing Croatia

0-25nm per day on direct way (short etmales) - holiday with high recreation factor for the whole family Bathing and sailing - bays and cities
something for everyone! culinary highlights in the evening

The first day: Pula

Welcome to the Marina Veruda in Pula. The takeover of your yacht is usually from 15 o'clock. Spend your first night at the pier in Marina Veruda for a pleasant start to your holiday. The Marina Restaurant is located next door, so you can enjoy the evening and arrive safely on arrival.

The 2nd day: Pula - Pomer

10nm Sea Route - Bearing: 107°

Today you could practice a bit. Take your coat off after a leisurely breakfast. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then set the sails and sail to Pomer. A few nautical miles before the destination you will see some beautiful anchor bays. Decide for yourself whether you want to stop for a swim, to lie in the marina later on or to anchor for the night

Day 3: Pomer - Cres

20nm Sea Route - Bearing: 89°

Today we continue to the island of Cres. In the bay of Martiniscica you will find the fishing village of the same name. In this bay you should inform yourself beforehand about suitable moorings. Draught as well as stony ground exclude here an optically inviting mooring possibilities!

The 4th day: Cres - Osor

8nm Seaway - Bearing: 167°

On the crossing to Osor you can make a great stopover. The blue grotto of Cres is a little south of Lubenice, but the timing should be right! Afterwards you continue to Osor. The bridge on the Osor canal usually opens twice a day (9 and 17 o'clock). You should ask for the exact opening hours in advance for good timing.

The 5th Tagus: Osor - Ilovik

16nm Seaway - Bearing: 153°

Today, we are heading south along the picturesque coast of the island. Ilovik is a small island with a village of the same name. The offshore island Sveti Petar protects the bay also to the east. In the evening, in the background you will see the village with about 100 inhabitants in a completely new light at sunset and let the peace and quiet take effect on you.

Day 6: Ilovik - Rab

21nm Seaway - Bearing: 27°

On the direct way some hours of sailing are scheduled today. "Once across" today we'll go to Rab, the capital of the island with the same name. Especially on the west side Rab is more comfortable than most Croatian islands. The mountain range of the Kamenjak additionally protects against the Bura. The numerous sandy beaches, which are not typical for this region, mean that the season here starts earlier and ends later than on the surrounding islands.

The 7th day: Rab - Jadriscica (Cres)

15nm Sea Route - Bearing: 233°

On to Cres in the bay of Jadriscica. After a few hours of sailing we will drop anchor or go to one of the moorings. Don't let us disturb you. Your children will explore the bay with their dinghy while the adults enjoy the south-facing bay to the full with a glass of wine!

The 8th day: Jadriscica (Cres) - Unije

18nm Seaway - Bearing: 280°

Heading west again. Roughly. Because today you have the choice: The longer route around the island to the north or around the island to the south. The bridge opening hours as well as today's weather forecast will be your decisive factors. When you arrive at your destination you will find the small town of Unije. In high season it is advisable to reserve a berth here in advance.

Day 9: At free disposal

Today we'll leave you to your own devices. A day that can be planned freely should also be included in your holiday. Generally you will choose the best option for you according to the weather. You have already visited the most beautiful bays in the region in the last few days. Probably you already know where you still want to go.

Day 10: Unije - Susak

9nm Seaway - Bearing: 163°

Why, one does not know exactly, but Susak is a sand island which is quite unusual for the region. The small marina at the northwestern end of the bay does not hold many places for yachts. You will love the little village directly behind it, the children will love the sandy beach in the bay.

Day 11: Susak - Uvala Portic

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 313°

Slowly but surely you are approaching the base again. Past Cape Kamenjak in the direction of Pomer you will find a fantastic place to anchor in the Uvala Portic. Lying at anchor, protected in almost all directions, you can end the day with a cosy meal on board.

Day 12: Uvala Portic

Free sailing / bathing day

A short way back to Pula. You can save that for tomorrow, depending on the weather. After the longer distance yesterday you might even have to stay at anchor all day.

Day 13: Uvala Portic - Pula

8nm seaway - bearing: 319°

The short way back to Pula makes you flexible. With great winds you will enjoy the day at sea and sail up and down a bit before returning to the base. Back in the bay of Marina Veruda you will recover the sails and refuel. Directly in front of the harbour you will find the local petrol station to starboard.

You probably knew from day one what you wanted to do today. Have you already seen the old town of Pula? It is worth a visit!

Day 14: Pula

The withdrawal will take place the next morning. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to welcoming you here or at one of our other locations again!

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