A sports week in Istria

20-45nm per day on direct route (middle Etmale) Holidays with high sailing percentage
Variety and sporty sailing for the whole crew and culinary highlights

The 1st day: Pula - Medulin / Pomer

11nm Sea Route - Bearing: 107°

Welcome to the Marina Veruda in Pula. The takeover of your yacht usually takes place between 12.00h -16.00h. You could practice a little more today. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then set the sails and sail to Pomer. A few nautical miles before the destination you will see some beautiful anchor bays. Decide for yourself whether you want to stay in the marina later or spend the night at anchor.

The 2nd day: Medulin / Pomer - Mali Losinj

33nm Seaway - Bearing: 125°

After the relaxed first evening we will go to the island world today. Arrived at your destination you will explore the former seafaring town, which opened up to tourism quite early. The picturesque little town offers several good restaurants to end the evening on land.

Day 3: Mali Losinj - Otok Rab

32nm Seaway - Bearing: 45°

A few hours of sailing are scheduled on the direct route today. "Once across" today we'll go to Rab, the capital of the island with the same name. Especially on the west side Rab is more comfortable than most Croatian islands. The mountain range of the Kamenjak additionally protects against the Bura. The numerous sandy beaches, which are not typical for the area, mean that the season here starts earlier and ends later than on the surrounding islands.

The 4th day: Otok Rab - Punat / Krk

21nm Seaway - Bearing: 340°

Off to Punat! The large bay of the island of Krk, accessible through an inlet, with a large marina and anchorage facilities leaves nothing to be desired. In the village you will find all the supply possibilities. A visit to the small island of Kosljun is very interesting, as the Franciscan monastery on the small island in the bay has a number of art treasures from days gone by. Visits are possible here daily.

The 5th day: Punat / Krk - Cres

36nm Seaway - Bearing: 247°

After your trip to Cres you will find a nice old town and the most important place of the island of the same name. In the southern part of the bay is the ACI Marina with about 500 berths and all services. Further moorings with moorings are located at the western pier of the main harbour and at the adjoining shipyard.

Day 6: Cres - Unije

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 199°

South. Roughly. At your destination you will find the small town of Unije. In the high season it is advisable to reserve a berth here in advance. The idyllic little island town with a few berths in the area of the pier will inspire you. Nice restaurants and small shops in the village complete the picture. Small errands are also no problem here.

Day 7: Unije - Pula

28nm Seaway - Bearing: 304°

Back to base! Without detours you will reach your destination after 28sm. After the last nice sailing hours you pack your sails in the bay and drive to the gas station directly at the beginning of the marina on starboard. Back at the jetty you enjoy your evening in the old town of Pula. We hope you had a wonderful trip. We hope you will visit us again. Here in Pula or at one of our other bases.

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