Two weeks of sportive sailing

10-45nm per day by direct route (few short more longer etmales) - holidays with a high proportion of sailing
and different impressions Sailing, bays and cities - sports, relaxation and sightseeing & culinary highlights in the evening

The 1st day: Pula - Medulin / Pomer

11nm Sea Route - Bearing: 107°

Welcome to the Marina Veruda in Pula. The takeover of your yacht usually takes place between 12.00h -16.00h. You could practice a little more today. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then set the sails and sail to Pomer. A few nautical miles before the destination you will see some beautiful anchor bays. Decide for yourself whether you want to stay in the marina later or spend the night at anchor.

The 2nd day: Medulin / Pomer - Unije

23nm Seaway - Bearing: 125°

The bay Maracol in the east of the island Unije is worth a visit. Except for westerly to north-westerly winds, you are protected here. The small village invites you for an evening walk. Hikers will probably explore the whole island!

The 3rd day: Unije - Ilovik

17nm Seaway - Bearing: 130°

Today we're heading southeast! Ilovik is a small island with a village of the same name. The offshore island Sveti Petar protects the bay also to the east. In the evening, in the background you will see the village with about 100 inhabitants in a completely new light at sunset and let the peace and quiet take effect on you.

The 4th day: Ilovik - Molat

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 140°

Their port of destination today is Molat on the island of the same name. The small harbour offers mooring possibilities at the mole at favourable rates. In front of the popular place Brgulje is a large field of buoys. There is a small shop for the most necessary things as well as nice restaurants to end the evening.

Day 5: Molat - Zadar

19nm Sea Route - Bearing: 111°

Today we will travel through the Kornati Islands to Zadar. The many small islands on your route make the journey more interesting. If the wind is good, you will certainly take one or two extra laps. The lively harbour town with a worth seeing old town offers two marinas. The Marina Borik, a little north of the city, and the Marina Zadar with even more berths in the heart of the city. All utilities are available. The club harbour Vitrenjak rarely offers guest berths.

Day 6: Zadar - Murter Marina Hramina

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 138°

Its destination today is the Marina Hramna in Murter. Have you already purchased a passport for the Kornati islands? You should do it here at the latest, if you want to anchor or stay overnight in the National Park. If you know in advance that you are going to anchor or moor in the national park, you should pay the entrance fee for the national park when you hand over your passport in Pula. You can also sail without a ticket, but you will be charged on the spot. The costs are then about 30-40% higher!

Day 7: Marina Hramina - Sibenik

21nm Seaway - Bearing: 114°

Continuing through the Kornati Islands, we will pass through the beautiful island world. Until shortly before the finish, you turn inland. In Sibenik you have all the supply possibilities. Don't let the evening be too long, in case you want to visit the national park tomorrow.

Day 8: Sibenik - Skradin (Krka)

10nm Sea Route - Bearing: 10°

Sailed on time, you will reach Skradin today after almost 2 hours of motoring. The entrance to the National Park Krka. Take a day here with your crew. The free shuttle boats leave at the end of the marina about every 30 minutes during the season. You pay the entrance fee directly at the national park. Bathe in waterfalls or walk in the footsteps of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand to explore the beautiful landscape. This day will be remembered by you and your crew for a long time, even without having sailed today!

Day 9: Skradin (Krka) - Zut

39nm Seaway - Bearing: 98°

Off to Zut. After the eventful day without sailing yesterday, today it will be sporty again! The popular marina has sufficient berths and is open from mid-March to the end of October. Let the great sailing day pass in review in one of the good restaurants in the southern part of the bay.

Day 10: Free sailing

A day at leisure, or to make up ground on the water. Maybe you didn't have enough wind yesterday for the route you set out on and you'll catch up with the rest today. Alternatively, you have a free sailing day for the Kornati islands today. Remember to buy a Kornati Permit in advance to anchor here. If you are not paid until you arrive, you will have to expect a surcharge of 30-40%.

Day 11: Zut / Molat

30nm seaway - Bearing: 315°

Back to Molat. Did you like it there? Is there enough wind today? If in doubt, skip today's destination and make the 40 miles full. With little wind you will have plenty of nice anchor bays on the way back to spend a great evening in the Kornati islands. We have deliberately set a low mileage for tomorrow. Your way is the goal, adjust to the wind!

The 12th day: Molat - Is

8nm seaway - bearing: 311°

Is - only one island to the north. The popular island harbour is inviting and offers mooring possibilities at the mole with electricity and water. Also an open-air shower, but at not exactly cheap prices. In front of the breakwater and between Ist and Molat there are several buoys. In the village itself you will find some shops and restaurants.

Day 13: Is - Cres Martiniscica

30nm Sea Route - Bearing: 136°

Timing is crucial today if you decide to navigate through the Osor Channel. Normally, the bridge opens twice a day. At 9 and at 5. Alternatively, you will also enjoy the route around the island if the wind is good. After passing Losinj you will continue along the coast of Cres. In the bay of Martiniscica you will find the fishing village of the same name. Especially in the high season you should inform yourself in advance about suitable moorings. Draft as well as stony ground exclude an optically inviting mooring here!

Day 14: Cres Martinscica - Pula

32nm Seaway - Bearing: 280°

Back to base! Without detours you will reach your destination after 32sm. After the last nice sailing hours you pack up the sails in the bay and drive to the gas station directly at the beginning of the marina on starboard. Back at the jetty you enjoy your evening in the old town of Pula. We hope you had a wonderful trip. We hope you will visit us again. Here in Pula or at one of our other bases.

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