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Base pack and equipment of all Croatia yachts

Mobiles Internet an Bord - Surfen ohne Wellen

50GB LTE Internet

Per week you have 50GB LTE Internet available for free on every yacht. Beyond that, more can be booked later.

Das Beiboot / Dinghy ist im Basispaket enthalten


All yachts have a dinghy on board. An outboard motor can be booked as an extra. Paddle and bellows are of course included.

Bettwäsche für alle Personen an Bord ist im Basispaket enthalten

Bed linen

On each yacht you will find made-up beds with bed linen for the number of persons specified in the contract - without extra charge!

Die Endreinigung ist im Basispaket enthalten

Final cleaning

It couldn't be more convenient - the final cleaning is included! And a starter set with cleaning supplies for the trip is also on board.

Gas zum Kochen an Bord ist im Basispaket enthalten


There are two gas bottles ready for you on every yacht on board - So that cooking can be done in the galley and that without extra charge!

Frühes Einchecken - mehr Zeit zum Segeln


You can check in at our bases as early as 4pm - no extra charge. Drop off Saturday until 09:00.

Eine Rettungsinsel ist zu Ihrer Sicherheit im Standard

Life raft

Safety is important to us! Each yacht has a life raft for the permitted number of people.

Automatik-Westen für maximale Personenzahl im Standard

Automatic vests

For the maximum number of people are comfortable and safe automatic vests on board.

Dieselheizung für angenehme Wärme an Bord

Diesel heater

Cozy warmth even underway - all yachts have powerful diesel heating.

Günstige Nationalparktickets und Online-Eincheck beim Hafenmeister

My Sea Registration

Find free berths - book online - compare prices! Kornati tickets with discount - it's that easy!

Equipment - Standard inventory of our yachts:

Bimini Standard Mallorca und Kroatien


Eine Rettungsinsel ist zu Ihrer Sicherheit im Standard

Life raft

Erstklassige Ausrüstung der Charteryacht - Inverter sind an Bord


Safe an Bord der Yachten


Dieselheizung für angenehme Wärme an Bord

Diesel heater

Erstklassige Ausrüstung Ihrer Charteryacht - Plotter ist Standard


Color plotter, autopilot, wind gauge, sumlog and depth sounder, steering compass illuminated, binoculars, bearing compass, compass, course computer, 2 triangles, barometer, clock.

Erstklassige Ausrüstung der Charteryacht - Funkgerät ist Standard

VHF radio

All yachts have a DSC radio. In Croatia, a radiotelephone certificate is required. The "pyro certificate" is unknown here.

So entspannt mieten Sie eine Yacht

On deck

Furling genoa or jib, sprayhood, bimini, bow and stern pulpit, double guard rail, position lights, steaming light, anchor light, bailer, main anchor with 50m chain, secondary anchor with lead anchor line, boat hook, deck brush, 6-8 fenders, 4 mooring lines, 25m towing line, 2 sheet winches, shroud cutter.


2-3 burner gas stove, oven, electric cooler/fridge, pressurized water system with taps in galley and WC, sink in galley, dishes, cutlery, coffee filters, pots, pans, kettles, thermos flasks, household utensils. Rags and detergents for hygienic reasons. Reasons not!


Life raft, for the allowed number of persons automatic vests with lifebelt without crotch strap. Emergency flashlight, halogen handheld searchlight, foghorn, rocket and first aid kit, bilge pumps, fire extinguisher, life ring with floating line.

Erstklassige Ausrüstung der Charteryacht - Automatikwesten sind Standard

Sea charts

All our yachts have:

- "Imray" nautical charts M24, M25, M26

- "888 Harbors and Bays"

- Delius Klasing set 7 and 8

Seekarten Imray M24 für Yachtcharter Kroatien ist an Bord
Seekarten Imray M25 für Yachtcharter Kroatien ist an Bord
Seekarten Imray M26 für Yachtcharter Kroatien ist an Bord
Hafenlotse 888 an Bord für Yachtcharter Kroatien
Ausrüstung für Yachtcharter Ostsee, Mallorca und Kroatien


Bosun's chair, tool box, 220V automatic charger, 25m shore power cable, adapter cable, 12V/220V converter, electric windlass, radio with aux/bluetooth and speakers, hot water, 220V and 12V sockets, safe, national flag, N and C flags, yacht and engine keys, cabin lights.

What is not on board:

Towels, rags, toilet paper, washing up liquid, salt, pepper... such things are not on board for hygienic reasons.

Ausrüstung für Ihren Chartertörn

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You're that good with her bases/yachtcharter-pula/yacht.html insured:

So gut sind Sie bei 1. Klasse Yachten versichert

When everything is done for your carefree vacation -  by you and by us: What else can  happen?

Let's not kid ourselves: A whole lot! Nobody  wants it and still it happens: By a stupid  coincidence you or a crew member cause an expensive damage during your cruise. .

Now you realize how well you are insured with us all around carefree - That's 1st class! 


Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your own yacht. The amount of the deductible is graduated according to the size of the yacht. You can additionally insure this deductible in the customer login.


Liability without SB

The liability insurance with us without deductible! This insurance pays for personal injury, property damage and financial losses to third-party property up to the amount of 2.5 million euros.


Basic skipper liability

The basic skipper's liability insurance pays out in the event of claims by the crew against you as skipper if people have been injured as a result of your actions. This insurance applies to each crew member, gross negligence is not insured.


Charter cancellation insurance

It pays for the loss of income if the damaged yacht cannot be re-chartered immediately! This can be very expensive - but not with us! In case of damage you only pay the excess (amount like deposit) additionally.

Sicherheit mit Zusatzversicherungen von Yachtpool

We recommend taking out these two supplementary insurances:

Deposit insurance: It reimburses the deposit in case of damage to the yacht. The premium and the deductible will be calculated for you in the customer login depending on your deposit amount.

Travel Cancellation Insurance: It reimburses you 80% of the cancellation costs if you cancel for health reasons. You can insure charter fee and airfare in the customer login.


Extended skipper liability insurance: This way you exclude the risk of being held liable in case of gross negligence on your part. The area of "gross negligence" is not covered by our included "basic skipper liability insurance

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Yachtcharter Mallorca und Yachtcharter Kroatien mit Frühbucher-Rabatten

Kroatien mit bärenstarken Rabatten!

Buchen Sie online - sparen Sie bis zu 35%


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