Marina Punat

1. cruise proposal: 1 week from Punat

4-25 nm per stroke - family vacation - partly wind-dependent - variety and relaxation for the whole crew

The 1. Day: Punat - Rab

13 nautical miles

So you have finally arrived in Punat and are ready to start the vacation of a lifetime, congratulations! Usually the boats are ready on Saturday around 16:00. If you arrive earlier, remember not to stress, you are on vacation! Remember that all boats start their trip at the same time, so try to be patient. The base crew is very busy taking care of all the crews of all the boats.

Go to the supermarket to buy food (there are stores on the islands as well, so you don't have to buy food for the whole week, although the selection is smaller on the islands). Settle down on the boat, relax and have a coffee or drink - you have a great week of sailing ahead of you!

There's nothing better than heading out as soon as your boat is ready. Hopefully there will be some NW afternoon wind that usually blows in the summer, so hoist the sails and head for a calm bay on Rab! There are many sheltered little bays on the northeast side of the island, so we'll just pick one where there are no boats yet, anchor here and take an afternoon dip to beat the heat! Enjoy the sunset and a quiet summer night under the shining stars - it will make you feel that the whole trip to Croatia, with its highways, airports, traffic, documents and civilization is long gone!

The 2. Day: Rab - Ilovik (Krka)

25 nautical miles

After a morning swim and breakfast we continue south. Normally there is some wind in this channel coming from the Velebit mountains in the east. If that is the case, sails up! We make a swim stop on a small island, halfway to our destination for the night. Our swim stop is called "Dolphin Island" because there is a good chance to see these beautiful animals in this area.

After lunch and some rest, we will continue south to Ilovik. This island and its picturesque village are a perfect opportunity to discover what life is like on a Croatian island. If you want to stretch your legs, there is a promenade that runs along the island and in the fields below. Interestingly, the Ilovik cemetery is located on the offshore island of sv.Andrija, so people go here by boat to a funeral!

There is also the possibility to buy fresh fish from a local fisherman - the locals consider it the best in this area! If you want to have dinner in a restaurant, we recommend two options: If you are looking for something cheaper, the "Oliva" offers good food at a very acceptable price. On the other hand, the restaurant "Amico" offers the best fish dishes of the northern Adriatic. The prices are a bit high, but the taste of the food is really worth it. Their specialty - bream carpaccio and fresh scampi, be sure to try them!

The 3. Day: Ilovik - Losnji

4 nautical miles

After breakfast in the morning (you can find good warm croissants at the local market) we choose a shorter route for the day, as we will sail only to the island of Lošinj, which is about an hour and a half away from Ilovik. In the meantime, you can practice your sailing skills with some wind!

Our destination is one of the two beautiful bays on the south side, depending on your plans for the night: Krivica and Balvanida. Both bays lead to a unique restaurant called "Balvanida", but the walk from Krivica takes about 25 minutes to reach it. On the other hand, from Balvanida it takes only about 5 minutes to get there. If you want to have dinner on board, we recommend Krivica, because the color of the sea here is really amazing.

The 4. Day: Ilovik - Losnji

12 nautical miles

You can spend a quiet morning and go for another swim in this beautiful bay. If you want to buy some local cheese, drinks or just fresh products from a local bakery, there is a local who sells them every morning from a boat.

We'll head back to Ilovik (you can stop on the peer for a quick coffee and hop in the store if you like) and continue towards Silba Island. We first stop in a bay on the north side (one of the best in this area) and then head towards town in the afternoon.

Depending on the wind during the night, there is a possibility to stop and anchor either on the north or south side of the island. Be sure to take the opportunity to explore the picturesque town. Take a look at the Tower of Love - it was built by Captain Petar Marinić in the 19th century to make sure his fiancée had a great view of the sea while waiting for his arrival!

The 5. Day: Silba - Olib

5 to 7 nautical miles

Today we move a bit north towards the island of Olib. Cape Sip on the north side offers a stunning sandy bay perfect for anchoring - hundreds of meters of sandy bottom at a perfect depth of about 5 meters and a beautiful turquoise color of the sea!

You can either spend the night in one of the secluded bays on the east side or head for the village on the west side of the island where you can dock at the peer, connect to the electricity and fill up the boat's water tanks. Although about 2000 people lived on this island a century ago, many have moved away (an entire community moved to New York together) and return here only in the summer.

If you want to eat out for the night, we recommend Konoba Boćvica!

The 6. Day: Olib - Oruda - Punta Kriza

10 and 5 nautical miles

Time for the return trip! We continue our journey by heading north and stop at the uninhabited island of Oruda, which offers a beautiful bay on its southern side. It is perfect for anchoring, swimming and chilling out after lunch on board. Interestingly, this island, along with a nearby one called Palacol, is owned by a family that is in the process of selling it - there is an ad on the internet that says these two islands can be bought for €2,200,000!

In the afternoon we continue north and stop in one of the bays on Punta Križa, which offers a good shelter for the night and a good position for tomorrow's return. This green area is very nice to look at, be sure to stretch your legs and take a walk. We were not very satisfied with the restaurants nearby, so we recommend having dinner on board.

The 7. Day: Punta Kriza - Krk Punat

26 nautical miles

The last day! Since we have to return to the marina by 5pm, we start early in the morning and go directly to the gas station on Krk. This way we can avoid the afternoon traffic - after refueling you can just head for one last bay and enjoy the last hours of your vacation without wondering if you'll make it in time, since there's always a bunch of boats waiting at the gas station.

We recommend Golden Bay near Punat - a perfect bay for a perfect end to your sailing vacation! After that, we'll return to Punat, take care of check-out and you'll be ready for your trip home! You can still sleep on the boat on Friday and leave the boat on Saturday morning.

We hope you enjoyed our cruise proposal 1 from Punat: One week with family (approx. 90 nm)!

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