Marina Punat

2. cruise proposal: 1 week from Punat

8-35 nm per stroke - sporty family vacation - partly wind-dependent - variety and relaxation for the whole crew

The 1. Day: Punat - Goli Otok

15 nautical miles
We are heading for something very special, an island not too far from Punat. It is called Goli Otok, the literal translation would be - Naked Island! It got its name because of its appearance - since there is usually a lot of northeast wind blowing here in winter, the island was covered with bare rock until a few decades ago. Today, part of this uninhabited island is covered with tall, shady trees, with lots of rabbits running around, and all thanks to - political prisoners! During the former state of Yugoslavia, this island was used as a labor camp for political prisoners who had to work in very harsh conditions without any chance to escape. Besides working, some of the workers managed to plant some trees on the bare island, so all the vegetation here is the product of their labor! There is a small bar on the island, but we recommend having a leisurely dinner on board. Rest after a long trip and take a look at a real night sky with lots of stars and zero light pollution!

The 2. Day: Goli Otok - Cres - Veli Losinj

27 nautical miles

Once you are ready, we set sail for the next island and continue south to the island of Lošinj and its picturesque little village - Veli Lošinj! A beautiful bay and some colorful houses is what this village of 1000 people has to offer, but you must also try a unique restaurant on its top. You must try the seafood at the restaurant "Mol"! Enjoy your dinner overlooking the sunset and take a walk around this interesting village to stretch your legs and get a fresh ice cream. The island also has a town on the other side of the island - although the town is called Mali Lošinj (Little Lošinj), it's actually much bigger than Veli Lošinj (Big Lošinj!). Go to bed early, because we have to leave quite early, the bridge at Osor opens at 9 o'clock, but more about that tomorrow!

The 3. Day: Veli Losinj - Osor - Cres

20 nautical miles

After a quick breakfast, it's time to move! Since it is an alternative route, this time we move to the other, western side of Cres. To do this, we have to go through a narrow channel in the village of Osor. The bridge of the channel opens only at 9am and 5pm, so we have to make sure we get there on time!

Once we're through, we'll head to the beautiful uninhabited island of Zeča. Make sure you wear sunglasses as the turquoise color of the water here is just too bright. Here we will stop for lunch. Swim, eat, take a nap, it's up to you! If you feel like it, we will continue to our next destination. Straight back to the island of Cres and a very secured bay called Ustrine, where we will anchor for the night. Be sure to climb the high rocks and enjoy a beautiful sunset! Also, a warning - there is usually no phone signal here, so make sure you take care of all your phone calls and emails before you get here. After all, you are on vacation, who needs a phone, right?!

The 4th day: Cres - Unije

9 nautical miles

A slightly shorter trip today! After breakfast and a morning swim, we will head to the island of Unije, which will also be our destination for the night. If you want, there is also a possibility to stop again on the island of Zeča, as there is also a pretty bay on the inside of the island, which is worth a visit! There are many places to choose from on the island of Unije, and it's best to pick one by the wind.

On the west side there is a village, you can anchor right in front of it, spend the day swimming in the crystal clear water and explore the sandy beaches around. If you are into cliff jumping, there is also the possibility to visit some cliffs a bit west of the town and do some jumping! You can also dock at the village peer during the night as long as you leave early, as the morning ferry arrives at 6:10am (be sure to check this information as schedules can change from year to year). If you opt for something quieter, the eastern part of the island offers three beautiful bays, two of which have very safe buoys protected from most winds (except SW) - especially the one called Maračol! If you want to stay here, be sure to take a walk ashore. There is a beautiful path uphill that takes you to the top of the island, to a tiny church and a unique view! You can also walk down to the village and visit the local bar on the beach, it's quite nice! Unije is still missing a good restaurant on the island, so we recommend to have dinner on board.

The 5th Tag: Union - Susak

8 nautical miles

Time to visit a very unique island, Susak! This island is special because it is the only Croatian island that consists entirely of sand. Interestingly, its formation is a pure coincidence: when the Italian river Po flowed into the Adriatic Sea, it gradually dragged large amounts of sand behind it, which piled up more and more until the level of accumulated sand exceeded the sea level and formed a new island. Today 151 people live on the island and many of them are related to each other. You can find proof of this at the Susak cemetery, where you will encounter only about 4-5 surnames! Susak is also famous for its inhabitants. In the sixties, a very high tax on wine was imposed on the inhabitants; since wine production was their main occupation, most people decided to leave Susak and emigrate to the USA. They have stayed together since they left: all the inhabitants moved to the same town (Hoboken in New Jersey) and they all come together again during the summer vacations, more or less at the same time.

The 6. Day: Susak - Punta Kriza

21 nautical miles

Time to head back! We will head north on Friday morning to be closer to Punat. For lunch we can stop on a very cool island called Ilovik! The quaint village you will encounter here is a perfect opportunity to discover what life is like on a Croatian island. If you want to stretch your legs, there is a promenade that runs along the island and in the fields below. Interestingly, the Ilovik cemetery is located on the offshore island of sv.Andrija, so people go here by boat to a funeral! You can have lunch here, or just a coffee and go to the local store that offers delicious watermelons in summer! If you want to eat on the island, we recommend two options: If you are looking for something cheaper, the "Oliva" offers good food at a very acceptable price. On the other hand, the restaurant "Amico" offers the best fish dishes of the northern Adriatic. The prices are a bit high, but the taste of the food is really worth it. Their specialty - bream carpaccio and fresh scampi, be sure to try them!

If Ilovik is just a short stopover and you choose a quiet bay instead, we continue our journey by heading north and stopping at the uninhabited island of Oruda, which offers a beautiful bay on its southern side. It is perfect for anchoring, swimming and chilling after lunch on board. Interestingly, this island, along with a nearby island called Palacol, is owned by a family that is in the process of selling it - there is an ad on the internet that says these two islands can be bought for €2,200,000! In the afternoon we continue north and stop in one of the bays on Punta Križa, which offers a good shelter for the night and a good position for tomorrow's return. This green area is very nice to look at, be sure to stretch your legs and take a walk. The restaurants here are rather mediocre, so we recommend a last dinner on board.

The 7. Day: Punta Kriza - Rab - Krk Punat

35 nautical miles

Last day! Since we have to be back in the marina by 5 pm, we start early in the morning and head directly for the gas station on the island of Rab. After we fill the tanks, you can enjoy a few more hours of free time, either in this beautiful town or in one of the many bays nearby. Remember, if you fill the tanks in Rab, make sure you have an extra container to refill it once you are in Punat, as the tanks need to be full. We will return to Punat around 3pm, take care of check out and you will be ready to go home! You can still sleep on the boat on Friday and leave the boat on Saturday morning.

We hope you enjoyed our cruise proposal 2 from Punat: One week with family (about 90 nm)!

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