1st sailing suggestion: 1 week from Rogoznica

10-20nm per day on direct route (short etmales), family holiday, wind independent, variety and relaxation for the whole crew

The first day: Rogoznica

You take over your yacht in Rogoznica. Our yachts are moored at the last jetty to which you and your luggage will be taken by our shuttle caddy. This makes loading comfortable and the first departure all the easier. Put everything away and familiarise yourself with life on board. The old town of Rogoznica is worth a visit, with a tourist train you can reach the other side of the bay in 5 minutes. Alternatively you can enjoy your first evening in the pizzeria directly on the harbour promenade.

The 2nd day: Rogoznica - Zlarin

15nm Sea Route - Bearing: 330°

Today you could practice a bit. Take your coat off after a leisurely breakfast. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then set the sails and sail 16 miles to Zlarin. The prices at the offshore buoy field are about 50% cheaper than at the jetty. As there are few supply possibilities here and the bay is open towards sunset, a stay at the pier is less worthwhile. The restaurant at the pier is cosy and affordable. Translating with the dinghy for dinner will be a highlight for the little ones.

The 3rd day: Zlarin - Skradin (Krka)

13nm Seaway - Bearing: 32°

Destination: Krka National Park. A day trip of 13sm on a direct route. Since you will be motoring the last nautical miles of this route, you should live out your sailing drive between Zlarin and Sibenik. The following hour under motor will let you enjoy the wonderful fjord-like landscape. In Skradin you have the possibility to moor directly at the pier. Anchoring in the bay in front of the marina is also no problem. A fruit and vegetable stand directly at the end of the harbour has a very small but fine and local selection.

Day 4: Krka National Park

No wind for sailing? That's exactly why you came here! Take a day out with your family to visit the National Park Krka. The free shuttle boats depart from the end of the marina about every 30 minutes during the season. Entrance fee you pay directly at the national park. Your children will bathe in waterfalls while you explore the beautiful landscape on the tracks of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. This day will remain long in memory for you and your loved ones.

Day 5: Skradin - Primosten

22nm Seaway - Bearing: 179°

Your children will have slept well tonight, so you can start on time and motivated. Why not sail out to sea again today? Depending on wind and mood. A bathing stop before Primosten will straighten out the journey for the little ones. Primosten has an exceptionally idyllic old town. You will probably even stay here!

Day 6: Primosten - Sesula

20nm Seaway - Bearing: 133°

Alternatively, it is worth continuing the journey to Sismis in Sesula Bay. The seaway is easy to navigate and the bay is protected all around. You should reserve in time to have a mooring and place in the restaurant safely. A marinero will help you to find your place on arrival in the bay and will instruct you on how to lay out a shore line if necessary. Furthermore he would like to know when he can reserve a table for you, if you have not yet done so. Dining out in Croatia becomes cheap, due to the saved berth costs. A travel guide with current restaurants and moorings we have already put on board for you.

Day 7: Sesula - Rogoznica

18nm Seaway - Bearing: 309°

Today we will return to the base in Rogoznica. After the last nice sailing lessons you will calmly pack your sails before the bay of Rogoznica. You can refuel at the end of the harbour. After the last jetty, keep to port and have the sails operated. Afterwards you go back to the jetty. Depending on how you spent your first evening in Rogznica, you probably already know what you want to do today. If not, ask for the hotel pool for cosy hours before you go home.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to welcoming you again here or at our other locations!

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