2nd sailing suggestion: 2 weeks from Rogoznica

5-20sm per day by direct route (short distances, holiday with high recreational factor for the whole family, swimming and sailing
bays and cities - something for everyone - culinary highlights in the evening

The first day: Rogoznica

You take over your yacht in Rogoznica. Our yachts are moored at the last jetty to which you and your luggage will be taken by our shuttle caddy. This makes loading comfortable and the first departure all the easier. Put everything away and familiarise yourself with life on board. The old town of Rogoznica is worth a visit, with a tourist train you can be on the other side of the bay in 5 minutes. Alternatively you can enjoy your first evening in the pizzeria directly on the harbour promenade.

The 2nd day: Rogoznica - Trogir

17nm Seaway - Bearing: 93°

Today you could practice a bit. Take your coat off after a leisurely breakfast. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht. Then set the sails and sail 17 nautical miles comfortably over to Trogir. A beautiful city with several harbours. In the northern harbour Seget-Donji near the cathedral you are practically in the old town. If you feel like drinking local wines from our own vineyards and enjoying a good meal during the crossing, we recommend you spend the evening in the restaurant Konoba Trs. Less than 30 meters west of the cathedral you can enjoy an evening with typical Croatian city flair.

The 3rd day: Trogir - Split

14nm Seaway - Bearing: 94°

Today we are going to Split. The old town is a real crowd puller. If you prefer the ACI Marina it is only a few meters by foot to the insider tips. The walk is worth it, because the way to the restaurant of your choice has its charm and lets you enjoy the typical Croatian city flair. At NoStress you will be welcomed according to the name and you can end your evening comfortably!

The 4th day: Split - Brac (Lucice Bay)

15nm Sea Route - Bearing: 177°

Off to Brac! After 2 evenings in cities, the little ones finally want to splash around. In the bay of Lucice, the innkeeper has 16 buoys on site. A reservation in time is recommended especially in the high season. You can be served by the landlord not only in the evening. If you place an order in the evening, fresh baguettes and the like will be delivered directly to your yacht.

The 5th day: Brac (Lucice Bay) - Hvar

13nm Seaway - Bearing: 182°

Hvar town - After a nice bathing day there is some culture again today. The idyllic old town, situated in a deep bay, with many small offshore islands, will please you. The busy marina is not one of the cheapest in the region!

Day 6: Hvar - Vis (Konoba Stonica)

12nm Sea Route - Bearing: 236°

12 nautical miles away you will find the Konoba Stoncica in a beautiful bay on Vis. Whether fish or meat, both come from the local business of the Lincir brothers. The deep cut bay with beach and closed swimming area will be unforgettable for the whole family!

Day 7: Vis (Stonica) - Vis (Komiza)

14nm Seaway - Bearing: 254°

On to Komiza on Vis. Once half around the island. Depending on the wind, you can better estimate on site which route will suit your wishes! Tomorrow will be a day with few sea miles. Maybe this will help you to decide for a southern route, which is about 5sm longer. From the harbour you can walk along the water (about 10 minutes) or take the sea route with your dinghy to Konoba Barba. A little above the jetty you and your loved ones can enjoy your meals, most of which come directly from Vis, while looking into the distance.

Day 8: Vis (Komiza) - Bisevo

5nm seaway - Bearing: 216°

Today we start on time! The short sea journey this morning is worthwhile. You should consider beforehand whether you want to lie at anchor today or spend the night in the harbour, as you are only allowed to go to the Blue Grotto with your dinghy. In the bay to the west you will find a little pebble beach, several konobas and good anchorage conditions. Alternatively you can moor at the quay near the grotto. At 8:30 a.m. you should set off to admire the light in the Blue Grotto of Bisevo. It is in full splendour from 10:30 - 12:00.

Day 9: Bisevo - Sv. Klement

22nm Seaway - Bearing: 56°

After an exciting day for the little ones, it's the sailors' turn today. The journey goes today to the small, rugged island of Sv.Klement off Hvar. As this bay was considered an insider tip for a long time, a reservation is necessary, especially in the high season. In Toto's restaurant you will enjoy your evening. Reasonable prices for good food with a fantastic view.

Day 10: Sv. Klement - Stari Grad

17nm Seaway - Bearing: 56°

Off to Stari Grad on Hvar. A little bit of urban flair with her mooring at a renovated south pier. Directly above is the impressive Holter restaurant Apolon. Take a break for a swim on the crossing. The evening programme today is rather stylish!

Day 11: Stari Grad - Sesula (Sismis)

21nm Seaway - Bearing: 306°

Today we will go to Sismis in Sesula Bay. The seaway is navigational easy and the bay is protected all around. You should reserve in time to have a mooring and place in the restaurant safely. A marinero will help you to find your place on arrival in the bay and will instruct you on how to lay out a shore line if necessary. Furthermore he would like to know when he can reserve a table for you if you have not yet done so. Dining out in Croatia will be cheap, due to the saved berth costs. We have already put a travel guide with current restaurants and moorings on board for you.

Day 12: Sesula (Simis) -Drvenik

5nm seaway - bearing: 332°

in a short distance, a great bay to anchor in. This will be a day to play, swim, snorkel and enjoy! After about an hour at sea you will arrive at the neighbouring island Drvenik Veli. In the wonderful bay with the 2 offshore Krknjas Islands you can moor or anchor. A mooring at the small jetty in front of the restaurant is possible with the dinghy. Between olives and orange trees you can enjoy local dishes in the evening, among other things you can enjoy a good lobster stew.

Day 13: Drvenik - Primosten

17nm Sea Route - Bearing: 308°

The way to Primosten takes you almost past our base. In the bay of Primosten you have a wonderful view of the old town with the sun setting behind it. You should make a side trip to the old town in the evening. "You feel as if you have been transported back to the Middle Ages in a time machine" we often hear from customers who have anchored for the first time in this picturesque little town. Another tip, unfortunately from experience, is not to drive the dinghi too close to the quay walls. As on most quays in Croatian cities, there are many anglers here in the dark, some of whom cast their lines over 50 metres. A melted nylon lump on your now tightened screw would be the avoidable alternative.

Day 14: Primosten - Rogoznica

6nm Seaway - Bearing: 152°

It's still a few miles to Rogoznica. Enjoy the bay of Primosten a little before you set off. In about an hour it will be time to set sail for the last time on this journey. Back in the bay of Marina Frapa, leave our jetty like all the others on port side. At the end of the bay is the gas station. When you return to the jetty with a full tank, you will have the feeling that the journey is over. You have a great day today! Depending on how you spent your first evening in Rogznica, you probably already know what you want to do today. If not, ask for the hotel pool for cosy hours before your last night on board.

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