3. cruise suggestion: 1 week from Rogoznica

20-40sm per day by direct route (middle Etmale) - Holidays with a high proportion of sailing
Variety and sporty sailing for the whole crew - culinary highlights

The 1st day: Rogoznica - Sesula (Sismis)

18nm Seaway - Bearing: 129°

You take over your yacht in Rogoznica. Our yachts are moored at the last jetty to which you and your luggage will be taken by our shuttle caddy. This makes loading comfortable and the first departure all the easier. Put everything away and familiarise yourself with life on board. After the handover, you will be ready to go. After a short period of acclimatisation on the yacht, you will set course for Sesula. In the dreamlike, all around protected Sesula Bay you will find, guided by a Marinero, enough mooring places for a first relaxing night in the island world. You can reserve a mooring as well as a table in advance, which is especially necessary in the high season.

The 2nd day: Sesula (Sismis) - Vis (Komiza)

26nm Seaway - Bearing: 194°

Now it really starts. There are only 26sm on the direct route, but on the way to Vis you have room to let off steam both east and west. In the marina of Komiza you will find a cosy restaurant about 250m from the berth with a view over the harbour.

The 3rd day: Vis (Komiza) - Bisevo - Korcula

5nm sea way - bearing: 26°

Today we start on time! The Blue Grotto of Bisevo shows itself from 10:30 - 12:00 in full splendour. With 5sm direct seaway you should leave not later than 9am. A stopover that is worthwhile!

28sm Sea Route - Bearing: 90° Afterwards you unhook the lines again and head for Korcula. The bay Gradina 30sm west of the blue grotto with enough mooring places we recommend you in place of the port Vela Luka.

The 4th day: Korcula (Gradina) - Korcula city

36nm Seaway - Bearing: 92°

"Round the island" - whether north or south coast - Corcula is beautiful! Make it depend on the wind, which route you choose. The almost 40sm in the south would be, also because navigational a little more interesting at the end, our preferred variant. If it is clear that you will arrive in the dark, the northern route is more advisable. After a short stroll through the city, enjoy the atmosphere in one of the many beautiful restaurants.

Day 5: Korcula city - Sv. Klement

36nm Seaway - Bearing: 290°

Slowly but surely we are heading back to the base. After a day in the harbour with urban flair, your journey today leads to the small, jagged neighbouring island of Sv.Klement. As this bay was considered an insider tip for a long time, a reservation is necessary, especially in the high season. You will enjoy your evening in Toto's restaurant. Reasonable prices for good food with a fantastic view.

The 6th day: Sv. Klement - Trogir

33nm Seaway - Bearing: 341°

On to Trogir! A beautiful city with several harbours in the northern harbour Seget-Donji near the cathedral they are located almost directly in the old town. If you feel like drinking local wines from our own vineyards and enjoying a good meal during the crossing, we recommend you spend the evening in the restaurant Konoba Trs. Less than 30 meters west of the cathedral you can enjoy an evening with typical Croatian city flair.

Day 7: Trogir - Rogoznica

18nm Sea Route - Bearing: 275°

Back to base! Without detours you will reach your destination after 18sm. Short strokes at the end of the trip will not let you get into stress in case of adverse weather conditions. If you still have time and desire shortly before Rogoznica, make a short detour to Primosten before returning to the base. Back at the base you have the choice to spend the last evening in the pizzeria directly at the pier or to explore the nightlife on the other side of the bay.

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