4th sailing suggestion: 2 weeks from Rogoznica

10-40nm per day by direct route (few short more longer etmales) - holidays with a high proportion of sailing and different impressions sailing,
bays and cities - sports, relaxation and sightseeing culinary highlights in the evening

The 1st day: Rogoznica - Primosten

6nm Seaway - Bearing: 332°

You take over your yacht in Rogoznica. Our yachts are moored at the last jetty to which you and your luggage will be taken by our shuttle caddy. This makes loading comfortable and the first departure all the easier. Put everything away and familiarise yourself with life on board. On the short way to Primosten you could practice a bit. Drive the most important manoeuvres under engine in the harbour and get to know your yacht before setting sail. In the bay in front of Primosten you will see the first sunset of your journey, almost in bearing with the beautiful old town in the background.

The 2nd day: Primosten - Biograd

33nm Seaway - Bearing: 136°

Off to Kornati islands! Today at the destination Biograd you have 2 large marinas to choose from. The southern harbour is located directly at the old town. Enjoy the flair of the Croatian coast with local food and drinks.

The 3rd day: Biograd - Zadar

41nm Seaway - Bearing: 319°

Today we will travel through the Kornati Islands to Zadar. The many small islands on your route make the journey more interesting. If there is not enough wind today, you can take the shortcut along the coastline and moor again after about 17sm.

The 4th day: Zadar - Murter (Marina Hramina)

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 137°

Its destination today is the Marina Hramnia in Murter. Have you already purchased a passport for the Kornati islands? You should do it here at the latest, as your trip is going to the National Park tomorrow. If you know in advance that you will be anchoring or mooring in the National Park, you should pay the entrance fee for the National Park when you hand over your passport in Rogoznica. You can also sail without a ticket, but you will be charged on the spot. The costs are then about 40% higher!

Day 5: Murter - Ravni Zakan

11nm Seaway - Bearing: 227°

Marina Hramina Murter has a beautiful "branch" in the Kornati islands. You can therefore reserve a place for Ravni Zakan at the harbour master's office in Murter. In the outpost there is room for between 20 and 25 yachts.

Day 6: Experience Kornati islands

A day for free allocation. Sail through the Kornati islands or spend a day of pure relaxation! Enjoy the natural atmosphere with a glass of wine in the cockpit and enjoy the clear water.

Day 7: Ravni Zakan - Zlarin

19nm Sea Route - Bearing: 95°

On to Zlarin. On a mooring in front of the marina you save about 50% of the fees. As the marina has no sanitary facilities, the space at the pier is not worth it. For dining out in Zlarin you have several possibilities. The pleasant restaurant at the beginning of the marina is characterized by its friendly staff, local dishes and drinks, and relatively low prices.

Day 8: Zlarin - Sesula (Sismis)

28nm Seaway - Bearing: 194°

A somewhat longer distance must be slowly again! Passing the base in Rogoznica we are heading south today. During Sismis on Sesula you can look down on your yacht from the restaurant terrace in a fantastic, 360° protected bay and enjoy your evening with freshly caught fish every day.

Day 9: Sesula (Sismis) - Vis (Komica)

25nm Seaway - Bearing: 194°

Vis - One of the most famous islands of the Split region. Arrived in Komica, it takes about 10 minutes on foot from the port along the waterfront to Konoba Barba. On the sea route with your dinghy you can also moor at a jetty below the restaurant. Spoil yourself and your loved ones with a view into the distance with food and drinks, most of which come directly from Vis.

The 10th day: Vis (Komica) - Sv. Klement

22sm Seaway - Bearing: 62

Today the journey goes to the small, jagged island of Sv.Klement off Hvar. As this bay was considered an insider tip for a long time, a reservation is necessary, especially in the high season. In Toto's restaurant you will enjoy your evening. Reasonable prices for good food with a fantastic view.

The 11th day: Sv. Klement - Split (ACI)

29nm Seaway - Bearing: 5°

On to Split. After the day trip and 2 idyllic berths last, today we are heading into the city. The standard of the ACI Marinas allows you to shower more comfortably. Let the biggest city on your journey take effect on you and stroll through the alleys. Many restaurants, pubs and narrow streets will make the typical Croatian coastal town have a lasting effect on you.

Day 12: Split (ACI) - Makarska

29nm Seaway - Bearing: 116°

Makarska is one of the best known Croatian grape varieties for Germans. Numerous leisure activities from jet ski to banana boat are part of the program here. A long pebble beach invites for a walk in the evening.

Day 13: Makarska - Marina (Agana)

43sm Seaway - Bearing: 288°

It's heading back slowly towards base. Marina is the name of her destination today. The marina in Marina is called Marina Agana. The fact that the place itself is already called Marina has already caused some confusion. In the deep bay you will find many mooring places. Alternatively, you can also moor directly in the marina.

Day 14: Marina (Agana) - Rogoznica

18nm Seaway - Bearing: 279°

It's still a few miles to Rogoznica. As the crow flies, you're almost there. But once around the outside you can still sail. Back in Rogoznica you leave all the jetties on port side and drive to the petrol station. Back at the jetty you have another choice: a final evening in the old town of Rogoznica, an evening in the pizzeria on the pier, or you might even want to go to the hotel pool to end your holiday here! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed Dalmatia to the full. We will be happy to welcome you again soon. Here in Rogoznica or at our other bases!

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