Croatia bookings 12.09.

August 31, 2020

There is a travel warning for certain areas, you have fears, worries and concerns to travel to Croatia - we can understand that very well! But the yacht you have booked has an owner who also has worries and fears!
Now we have to find a healthy balance between your wishes and the owner's interests! You have signed a rental agreement and have not booked a package tour - you cannot simply cancel due to the travel warning![nbsp]We now offer you the following goodwill suggestions based on the agreed terms and conditions:
Bookings from Pula and Punat:
These two ports of departure are currently not risk areas. Your charter can take place normally.
Bookings from Rogoznica:
You can postpone your trip to a yacht from Pula or Punat. These are not risk areas. Depending on availability, we will rebook you on another yacht according to the currently valid list prices.
If you do not want to come, that is your decision! We have done everything for your successful charter trip - your yacht is ready. As a gesture of goodwill we offer you a cancellation with 50% cancellation fee - the terms and conditions say 100%! The other 50% you will receive as a voucher for 2021.
Contracts without final payment:
You have made a booking and have not made your final payment on time? If so, we are sorry to have to tell you that we have no goodwill offers for you and must insist on 100% cancellation fees and will charge these fees to you.