Mallorca in Spring

In Can Pastilla we often receive inquiries about the best time to book a vacation and sailing trip in Mallorca... and our answer is always unanimous: Now! Because the earlier you book, the more you can benefit from discounts and the more flexibility you have when choosing your travel time. After a very successful 2023 season, we are looking forward to the coming year with a significant increase in early bookings.


When we are asked about the best time to travel, the answer naturally also depends on guests' priorities. But our "insider tip" is quite clear: spring! And there are many good reasons for this!

While the snowdrops in Germany are still shaking off the last frost of winter, temperatures in Mallorca are already in early summer and the number of hours of sunshine is setting the mood for the approaching summer. The island's nature has absorbed a lot of water over the winter and the spring sun is now bringing everything into bloom. The magnificent colors and lush greenery are a treat for the eyes and the soul.


It is also the time when more boats are sailing off the coast of Mallorca. With the onset of thermals against an impressive natural backdrop, it quickly becomes clear why Mallorca is one of the best sailing destinations internationally. The situation off the popular beaches and in the picturesque bays of the island is still relaxed and gives little idea of how difficult it can be to find an anchorage for a swim in the sea or for the night in the high season.

The same applies to the harbors around the island. While it can now be a real challenge to find a berth in summer, you can still choose which harbor you want to spend the night in and which popular harbor restaurant you want to dine in.


Last but not least: even if the weather might suggest otherwise, April and May are still the low season and our guests can benefit from cheaper flight and charter prices. And if you are already looking forward to a dream vacation and book now, you will also receive up to 15% off our weekly prices.


All in all, there are many good reasons to start the sailing season on Mallorca early and therefore our tip: Book now - for spring - to take advantage of all the benefits!

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